This is more than a coin, it’s a movement, a culture and a symbol of empowerment in the hands of the fearless pioneers. Here we rewrite the rules, forging a new era of decentralized possibilities.






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April 2023

Fun & Social Derivative art competition platform

Welcome to SHID.MEME, our pioneering online platform designed for collaborative creation, sharing, and acquisition of engaging emoji packages. These packages are curated by enhancing the original collection of 7777Shids NFT pictures with added texts and creative content, delivering both humor and significance.


Why does SHID stand out in the space of BRC20?

  • COIN + NFT combinationAt this early stage within the Ordinals ecosystem, our growth potential is substantial. The amalgamation of the SHID coin and NFTs not only appeals to investors but also enriches our narrative, adding an even more creative dimension to our concept.
  • Derivative Art platformSHID.MEME is poised to pioneer as the premier Derivative Art platform within the brc20 space. Embracing a culture of collaborative creation, it invites everyone to explore their inner derivative artist, co-creating diverse content, stories, and even emojis leveraging the original 7777 Shids NFT collection.
  • Easy going & friendly community Within our community, there’s a lighthearted joke about embodying the spirit of a ‘deadbeat’ or ‘freeloader,’ inspired by the laid-back traits of Shids or Wassies. However, in reality, our community thrives with positive energy, actively engaged in meaningful endeavors each day, benefiting the entire community.

Most Popular Questions

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What is $SHID?

$SHID, a meme coin launched in April 2023 on the Bitcoin blockchain under the BRC-20 protocol, has a total issuance of Two quadrillion one hundred trillion, with 100% of the coins currently in circulation. Notably, this figure matches the total number of satoshis in Bitcoin. The coin draws its name from a unique breed of Wassie called shids, memetic creatures that originated and evolved within the Crypto Twitter community some time ago.

What is the relationship between Shids NFT and SHID coin?

The $SHID Coin debuted in April 2023, followed by the launch of Shids NFT in November of the same year. Both are intricately inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain using the BRC20 protocol. Embracing a common ethos of 'Shid' culture, the communities arrived at a consensus to merge for a brighter future. This unity sparked the proliferation of emojis based on Shids NFT across numerous major communities.

What's the point with the derivative art platform?

SHID.MEME allow any users to co-create new contents in the world of Shids. The most popular and liked creations by the community will also be rewarded in $SHID coins in the future as well, adding a new kind of utility to our BRC20 coin.

What will the future hold?

At our current stage, our mission is to offer a lively and social platform for users to collaboratively generate entertaining content. With our community steadily expanding, our roadmap includes the development of various crypto-related applications like Staking, Indexer, Swaps, and more.

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